Saturday, July 18, 2009

alexa chung

after "TRL" went down a couple of months ago, MTV made a very smart decsion and brought british host Alexa Chung to be the host of a new talk show with celebrities & etc (kinda like TRL but much more interesting)..

and after watching some of it i have to say i think its GREAT...

i have a girl-crush on Alexa!
+ she has the greatest personal style ive seen in quite a while... here are some of her outfits on the show "Its on with Alexa Chung" (i wonder if theyre going to bring it to Israeli MTV anytime):

i know shes very much involved in putting together her outfits (on the show i mean),
and i love how she mixes old&new, designer labels with vintage & cheap pieces...

i want to be her.. no kidding.



תמר said...

היא באמת מהממת . קצת מטרידה העובדה שהיא כ"כ רזה לא ?

CATI said...

האמת, יכול להיות שהיא רזה מידי אבל אני מאוד מקווה שזאת לא בעית אכילה... היא תראה עוד יותר טוב עם כמה ק"ג נוספים לא? (:

olivia said...

המילה היחידה שיצאה לי מהפה
גבוהה ורזה!!
אבל מהממת :)