Wednesday, March 24, 2010


clockwise from top left: TOPSHOP wedges, ROSA CHA striped dress, TOPSHOP hat, H&M bra, Marc BY MARC JACOBS bag, CURRENT\ELLIOT shorts, CHLOE white wedges, TOPSHOP flats, TOPSHOP glasses, TOPSHOP jeans, ELIZABETH & JAMES silk dress.

Friday, March 19, 2010


it was a long while ago that i showed you my new purchases, just because i rather show them to you in outfit posts (which i also don't get to do much) but this time, i just have to show them off:

hot blue nailpolish (a friend's) my new addictionnew bathing suit from TOPSHOP (140 NIS) love this blue.

2 adorable lace bras from H&M (90 NIS each)

did i mention i adore lingerie? so here you have it. finally h&m landed here and i convinced myself that it wouldn't be such a chaos there still - one week after the opening - but there was hehe. lets wait a month before we pay a second visit... i hope i can...

a shopper bag from ZARA (100 NIS) perfect for summer.

that's about it for now..

we're officially off to Passover break! hope you all have a great holiday & enjoy this weekend.
out celebrating mom's b-day!! xx