Friday, July 31, 2009

kate bosworth

i love her style... and her hunky boyfriend - but thats not relevant.

love this cool, non-chalant outfit

dream boots

Scorret (probably a swedish store) made these unbelivable look-a-likes to the Chloe boots, and i would gladly except both.
in love.

two of my fav bloggers Caroline & Carolina own them (pictures above). Caroline looking stunning as always!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

speaking of

much buzz about the upcoming Alice In Wonderland movie. was looking through tfs the otherday and stumbled across this famous ed featuring Vodianova, back in the day (this girl just keeps getting bigger).

loving the last one especially. amazing.

Vogue US december 2003
(source; tfs)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

alexander wang accessories fall 09'


( source. who knew there are such wonderful things on facebook? maybe i should open one)

btw - first saw these photos on vanilla scented's blog the other day... new favorite! check it out.

rosie huntington whiteley

new "it" model, definitely.
(photos via tfs)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

topshop AW09' model meghan collison rocks.

Friday, July 24, 2009


bras; mimi holiday by damaris, bag; alaxender wang, leather dress; miumiu, sweater; stella mccartney, leather jacket; rick owens, leopard print booties; YSL, peep toe booties; joie.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alice in wonderland 2010

the trailer was deleted from youtube for now,
so i found another link to it (couldnt embed the clip properly to this post)
just click here.

looks amazing!
another masterpiece from Tim Burton and his usual posse (Depp, Helena Bonham Carter..)

cant wait to see ittt - 7 months from now

pink and beautiful

just stumbled across

this girl's flicker

& fell inlove with her shots.

lately ive been scanning the web in the search of a new camera, i really would like a professional digital SLR camera so that id get fenomenal shots like these, and could practice photography a bit more,
but alas- my tiny budget keeps me from purchasing one, plus i would need to purchase appropriate lenses that are very expensive as well, and i guess it will be a while until i could afford it..
for the mean time i should be satisfied with my 8-mega pixel camera-phone huh?

Monday, July 20, 2009


is this girl for real?

the coolest model around.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

acne boot

i cant help it, im obsessed with boots right now

no fur

last night i heard on the news about a new bill regarding real fur.
basically this bill's purpose is to ban real fur in Israel, and that would mean that importing & merchandising fur would become illegal!
i think its a dream... its really nice to know someone in the government is concerned and cares about this subject.
hopefully this bill is going to pass and Israel - who would be the first country ever to ban fur, will set an example to the rest of the world... and maybe soon this horrible industry will stop or a least decrease.

well, just thought id share this with you if you havent heard already. im excited :)

have a wonderful week! we'll see how mine goes...
i really need to get rid of all these callories i gained during this weekend... i ate sooo much. blame my mother and her delicious food.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

alexa chung

after "TRL" went down a couple of months ago, MTV made a very smart decsion and brought british host Alexa Chung to be the host of a new talk show with celebrities & etc (kinda like TRL but much more interesting)..

and after watching some of it i have to say i think its GREAT...

i have a girl-crush on Alexa!
+ she has the greatest personal style ive seen in quite a while... here are some of her outfits on the show "Its on with Alexa Chung" (i wonder if theyre going to bring it to Israeli MTV anytime):

i know shes very much involved in putting together her outfits (on the show i mean),
and i love how she mixes old&new, designer labels with vintage & cheap pieces...

i want to be her.. no kidding.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

burberry boot

(pictures from

i really loved the boot Emma Watson was wearing in the TeenVOGUE shoot (look a few posts back for pics),
and since shes in the new Burberry campaign i figured she'd be wearing lots of their stuff lately, and so i tried to hunt down those amazing boots and finally remembered that they were from the Burberry Prorsum f/w 09 show!

i love them :( crazy heels..

ok, now ill finally stop obsessing about platform boots (at least until ill find another amazing pair hehe)...

so, im off to the mall... hope ill get lucky today and find some pretty stuff cuz im really in the need of new clothes! byeee