Friday, July 31, 2009

dream boots

Scorret (probably a swedish store) made these unbelivable look-a-likes to the Chloe boots, and i would gladly except both.
in love.

two of my fav bloggers Caroline & Carolina own them (pictures above). Caroline looking stunning as always!


Anonymous said...

Oh, love them!!

Hadley said...

oh wow. amazazazing.

Hadley said...

i'd love links to the blogs you mentioned...would you mind giving them to me?

CATI said...

they are on the links to your right :)
caroline- carolines mode
carolina - fashion squad

Anonymous said...

wow i loooove the detail on the buckles! and yes, def a good tribute to the Chloe ones

Nayra Laise said...

I like those boots. Kissese from Rome