Tuesday, August 4, 2009

waiting for winter

needed to distract myself from some personal issues - and the best way to do that is shopping!
so from my little shopping-spree i only bought this amazing floral high-wasted skirt from ZARA, that i cant wait to go out with. isnt it adorable?

lately i havent had much success in the shopping department, just because i couldnt find anything i liked, or it wasnt in my price range, but today ZARA quite surprized me in a good way, i saw lots of things i could have bought (like an amazing look-a-like to the Wang studded bag... oh my heart).
but im trying to stop myself from buying things and save some cash... cuz in september im going to LONDON!!!
ahhh it will be amazing. cant wait. but i have to. well, if you guys have any tips or advises towards where to go\ what to see\ where to shop, i would love to hear!

leaving you with a tiny taste of ZARA's FW 2010 collection, i think there are going to be some amazing items this fall. i want it to be cold already! i guess in september london will be rainy & chilly hah.

the shoesssss


LoveMarksTheSpot said...

such a fun post. love the styles.

thanks for sharing your light!


Twobreadsplease said...

That skirt is so cute! And i'm looking forward to all the exagerrated shoulders from zara.

CATI said...

thank you twobreadsplease & lovemarksthespot!

lyliana said...

omg have a great time in london it is the greatest city in the world.
zara are great too!
kisses xoxo

Amit said...

מקסימה החצאית!
אני קצת מאסתי בזארה לאחרונה, הגעתי למסקנה שזה דיי מבאס להוציא הרבה כסף על פריטים באיכות כזאת ירודה. אבל ביקור בסניף בנצרת שאף פעם לא הייתי בו החזיר משהו... ד"א, ראיתי שם תיק מסנג'ר שחור מעור עם ניטים על הרצועה. משהו מהמם, מאוד אלכסנדר וואנג. ראית?

אני ואת מוכרחים לצאת לשופינג ביחד!
את משהו את!

CATI said...

איזה חמוד! חיחי תודה רבה
כןןןןן לתיק הזה התכוונתי, לא רציתי להפרד ממנו אבל...

Maverick Malone said...

Firstly, I adoreee these photos!! The skirt is cool-I normally dislike florals, but I make few exceptions and this is probably one of them; I really like the colors.

I TOTALLY know what you mean...retail therapy...it's so addicting isn't it?!

Cool blog,

xox, mavi

olivia said...

החצאית מקסימה, אני מתה על הדפסים פרחוניים!