Saturday, September 12, 2009

so london was...

pretty effin' amazing.
if you havent been there yet i urge you to go!
the last day i was actually bummed that im going back home, i think i wanted to stay there for ever (or at least for another week). seriously bummed.
im in love w/ Brits haha
so we've had among others; full-on shopping days, walking alot - tired but happy, museum visits, sitting around at Starbucks - mostly on the couch, riding hours on the tube, taking hundreds of pictures, staring at beautiful people, eating fish & chips ofcourse, admiring everything, watching a great musical, pure funfunfun w\out the worries of daily life - its the best.

british museum entrance
hyde park
swans outside of our apartment
london eye (stood in-line only for about 15 minutes! record)
should also share some of my purchases from london right? mm this is just a third of what i bought... i know i should have shopped my as* off but i was totally stunned by the size of the shops there (topshop on oxford st. isnt a shop... its practically a mall. they have a restaurant inside topshop! and a gorgeous shoe-floor), i was just overwhelmed haha.

(topshop dress, casio from UO, topshop wallet, primark shoes, primark blouse, UO tiger tee, H&M booties, newlook panties, accesories bag, prada infusion d'orange perfume=amazing, EL foundation, B&B hair spray)


Amit said...

את באופן כללי זונה, יש לך טעם פשוט מעולה וגם היית בלונדון.
מקנא מאד ומת לראות איך תשלבי את מה שקנית. (שמלת הג'ינס מהממת)

Amit said...


saray said...

השמלת ג'ינס מטופשופ הורסתתתתת!

olivia said...

איזה כיף לך שהיית בלונדון :(

janice said...

cati everything looks great!
im jealous:>

CATI said...

thanks ppl.

fefe said...

looooooove everyyyy thinggggg you got!
LONDON is amazing! cant get enough of itttttt