Sunday, October 11, 2009

new booties

exactly what i was looking for for fall\winter!
these beautiful suede ankle booties from ZARA. and they were affordable as well... how fun!

just made a little adjustment to them, painted the soles black so that they would look a bit better, and i think they do.

looks like the cat's loving them too hehe
good night!


Amit said...

למרות שיותר אהבתי את הסוליה בחום. יותר מראה אורבני ורואים את הניגוד בין נעל ערב לנעל עבודה.

שני said...

ממש אהבתי!

Paris said...

מהממות אני ממש רוצה לקנות אותן
מה הגובה שלהן בערך?

CATI said...

PARIS - תודה, אממ 10.5 ס"מ

Paris said...

תודה על התשובה:)
וואו 10 סנטימטר, זה יהפוך אותי למטר שמונים ויותר lol

josephine said...

cute shoes and cute kitty!
love your blog.. been reading here alot so just wanted to tell you keep up the good work XOXOX

Nerdic.. said...

Gorgeous booties!
X, fashion-nerdic.

VintageGoa said...

your cat is so adorable...CUTE!
i have the same pair of boots, super comfy...after only 3 days i managed how to run in these boots;)

Diane-Nicole said...

cute shoes! yeah i think they look great all black. haha your kitty is sooo cute too!

LF said...

I am thinking about buying them too but the soles held me back! What did youuse to paint it?