Friday, March 19, 2010


it was a long while ago that i showed you my new purchases, just because i rather show them to you in outfit posts (which i also don't get to do much) but this time, i just have to show them off:

hot blue nailpolish (a friend's) my new addictionnew bathing suit from TOPSHOP (140 NIS) love this blue.

2 adorable lace bras from H&M (90 NIS each)

did i mention i adore lingerie? so here you have it. finally h&m landed here and i convinced myself that it wouldn't be such a chaos there still - one week after the opening - but there was hehe. lets wait a month before we pay a second visit... i hope i can...

a shopper bag from ZARA (100 NIS) perfect for summer.

that's about it for now..

we're officially off to Passover break! hope you all have a great holiday & enjoy this weekend.
out celebrating mom's b-day!! xx


Gili said...

תמשיכי לעדכן לעיתים יותר קרובות! ממש אוהבת את הבלוג שלך ואת הטעם שלך.. וההאוטפיט האחרון מהמם במיוחד (וואו הנעליים! הן מעכשיו?)

חג שמח!

CATI said...

Gili - תודה רבה :) הנעליים מלפני שנתיים ככה

Photo.Fashion.Passion said...

תתחדשי! הכל מהמם.
בגד הים שווה ביותר, וגם המחיר שלו.. מפתיע שמוכרים דברים במחירים כאלה בטופ שופ.

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great buys!

dayna stephanie said...

i'm obsessed with lingerie! i adore it to pieces. enjoy your passover break! i wish i was celebrating my passover sedar in israel.

CATI said...

thanks dayna! happy Passover to you too.