Friday, April 30, 2010

potentional prom dresses

i'm starting to think about my future prom dress,
thinking about something like a mini in pinkish\nude color with high heels, and silver accessories.
can't wait to start shopping for ittt

btw - as you see cuties im still alive, though these few weeks are starting to get real crazy!
but i've done some good shopping lately and ill soon post an outfit :) as long as the weather allows me to.

sweet weekend xx


michalooshla said...

ממש אהבתי את שתי העליונות ואת האמצעית למטה! גם אני הלכתי על לבן לנשף השנה.

Kasia said...

thinking about prom dress is exciting and sometimes a little bit nervous;):p
I had a prom 3 months ago;)
my mum is a tailor so I could choose whatever I want;)