Sunday, April 4, 2010

shopping is good for the soul...

(not so much for the pocket..!)
yesterday i stopped by the annual T-Market event held at the Barzilay club till this Monday evening. if you've ever been there then you know what an awesome event it is and if you haven't you better visit!

so luckily (and i seriously think im going through a lucky-shopping-period & loving it) i found these awesome low-cut tank tops, one from SALON BERLIN & the other by a brand i can't remember, of Joy Division.
I also purchased this cool necklace from designer Itai Mintz. he makes the coolest stuff!

other newbeez from when i visited the mall(s) the other day:

cutest sunglasses for only 20 NIS (on sale)

perfect white shorts for summer from PULL&BEAR (130 NIS) that you've already seen on the outfit post,

striped tank from H&M (80 NIS) - is it just me or do you guys also always get unconsciously driven towards striped items? mmm...

nude tunik\dress from H&M (90 NIS)

and my favorite hat, that you've already seen on me, for those hot summer days at the beach, from H&M too (40 NIS).


Kareen said...

הטוניקה הקרמית ממש יפה! מצפה לראות איך תשלבי אותה :)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay girl! Its the first time that I visit your blog and I really love it! Great style!

Please check my blog too!

'Lee said...

great buys, I love the 1st and 3rd top and the shorts and glasses.
The necklace is really cool too.

Theory of a fashion victim

Is This Real Life? said...

love all your buys esp the tank top super pretty!


ממש אהבתי את כל מה שקנית - בדיוק הטעם שלי !
כשהייתי בH&M חיפשתי בנרות את החולצה עם הפסים (כל בנאדם שני החזיק אותה ביד) אבל בסופו של דבר לא הצלחתי :\
שמחה בשבילך שקנית אותה - היא מדהימה !
* המשקפי שמש מטופטן ?

CATI said...

thank you girls :)
ADDICTED TO FASHION - תודה רבה! המשקפייםאכן מטופטן

Anonymous said...

וואווו הגופיה של ג'וי דיוויזן מהממת! את לא יכולה בבקשה להזכר איך קראו לחברה?