Monday, July 12, 2010

hello sunbeams!
I hope non of you are too upset about my poor, or to be more exact - lacking, updates
but it really was not done on purpose... I guess it was just a very busy month
BTW the blog also turned 1 year old last month! how funny... time flew by this year.
I'm done with school and soon we will be celebrating our Prom night, and after that i hope to be more of a better blogger and post here from time to time.

in the mean time, just wanted to share this beautiful blog of a girl named Victoria, who just has the most enviable room i've seen lately, and also some interesting posts.. check it out here

see you soon xx



אני מקווה שבקרוב תעדכני לעיתים קרובות יותר !
התגעגעתי לפוסטים שלך :)

Betty said...

וואו... לפני שקראתי את הטקסט כשרק ראיתי את התמונה הייתי בטוחה שצבעת לבלונד!

Glamour Bbey. said...

This picture is awesome!

Please, take a look at my blog: , thanks!

Aria said...

♡ Cute Blog ♡