Friday, August 21, 2009

8/19 musix festival - day 1

loved it so much but now ill let the pics talk for themselves (taken with my new Canon sx10 is i wanted for so long)
im was wearing: ZARA top, ZARA skirt, ALDO shoes, ZARA bag, X-RAY sunnies, ACCESSORIES belt.
Mofa HaArnavot shel DR. Casper
Aviv Gefen

+ Monica Sex

Lady GaGa

kick-ass show


nina g said...

OK so envious of you right now that you got to see Lady GaGa!
Looks real nice. Love your outfit too. Festivals are great!

xo NiNa G
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Galit - Lynn Stiklaro said...

וואו, אאוטפיט מושלם!
החצאית מהממת וגם הסנדלים.
בלוג מקסים, רק עכשיו גילית, אכנס בהחלט יותר :)

olivia said...

את נראת נהדר! <3