Friday, August 21, 2009

8/20 musix festival - day 2

the second day i was wearing: CONVERSE sneakers, ZARA top, PULL&BEAR shorts and the ZARA bag again (so big and comfy)

Mercedes Band


Shabak S feat. HaDag Nahash

Simple Plan (hehe they were my favs when i was 13...)

last but not least... the Kaiser Chiefs

it was the funnest and probably the best show ive ever been to,
mostly because of rickyyy huh
i also took lots of videos these days but it takes sooo long to upload them i had given up.

i hope next year there's going to be something like this again!
update: videos of the show were uploaded to youtube, here's the first song they performed...

so cute, he says (in hebrew): hello, we are the kaiser chiefs, are you ready? (times 3)


wixed said...

ההופעה של קייזר צ'יפס הייתה מעבר למושלמת. אין דברים כאלה. כאילו דאמט. אני בוכה פה. ואת כוסית

Anonymous said...

the kaiser chiefs are t-h-e b-o-m-b
watched theyre show in NJ and they rocked the house. .
i love what you were wearing both days! :]]]

olivia said...

כ"כ הצטערתי שלא הלכתי
עכשיו אני עוד יותר!